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Informações sobre a indústria

Classification of highway guardrail piling machine How much do you know?


Classification of highway Guardrail piling machine do you know how much?
Drop Hammer Highway Piling machine
The pile hammer is a steel heavy block, lifted by the hoist with a hook, decoupled and then free to fall along the guide frame and pile.

Steam Hammer Highway Piling machine 

The pile hammer has the hammer head and the hammer seat composition, takes the steam or the compressed air as the power, has the single movement steam hammer and the double motion steam hammer two kinds. Single get angry hammer with plunger or cylinder as hammer head, steam drive hammer head rise, and then let it along the hammer seat of the guide rod drop and pile. The double-motion steam hammer generally has an aggravated plunger as a hammer head, with the cylinder as the hammering seat, the steam drive hammer head rises, in the drive hammer head downward impact piling. The speed up and down, the frequency is high, so that the pile into the formation to cause vibration, can reduce friction resistance, piling effect is good, two-way unequal force of the differential steam hammer, its hammer seat weight is light, effective impact weight can be relatively increased, better performance.

The steam hammer of the inlet and exhaust valve can be controlled manually by manual control, or by the flange joystick mounted on the side of the hammer head and lifted with the hammer head, both of which can adjust the impact stroke of the steam hammer.

Diesel Engine Piling Machine 

The main body is also composed of cylinders and plunger, its working principle is similar to that of a single-cylinder two-stroke diesel engine, and the use of atomized diesel oil sprayed into the cylinder chamber is driven by a strong pressure generated by high pressure and high temperature combustion hammer head work. The diesel hammer is divided into the guide rod type and the cylindrical type according to its tectonic form. The guide rod Diesel hammer is pressed on the pile cap with the plunger as the hammer seat, and the cylinder is the hammer head along the two guide rod to Rise and fall. When piling, the pile is first hoisted into the gantry of the pile frame in place, then put the diesel hammer on the top of the pile, lower the hook will lift the cylinder, and remove the hook so that the cylinder under the fallacious into the plunger, will be enclosed in the cylinder of the air compression, the cylinder continues to fall, until the cylinder in the pressure pin push hammer seat on the fuel pump rocker, the fuel pump will spray oil mist into the cylinder, Oil mist encountered above the ignition point above the high temperature gas, immediately occurred burning explosion, explosive power downward impact so that the pile sink, upward push, so that the cylinder recovery, waiting for the cylinder to fall along the guide rod, and began a second impact cycle.

Wheel-type full hydraulic drilling All-in-one machine

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